Welcome To Festive Fairy eCards

A range of animated e-cards with jingle - personalise them with your own custom text and add your JPEG company logo, there's even a 10% charity donation included.

How It works

Simply as possible - pick a card and input your greeting and logo. You will be shown a preview of the card to check before it sends.
You then upload your spreadsheet of contacts (save it as a CSV from Excel). Make sure it has 3 fields (columns) with First Name, Surname and Email at the top, like this:
Optionally, you can include a 4th column called 'Merge', which can contain any piece of text you want that can be included on the eCard as well.
(e-cards will only be sent to complete and correct addresses). 
You can also schedule the date that the e-cards will be sent.
Your contacts will receive an email (from your address) with a preview and link to their e-card like this:
Payment can be made by credit card via our secure Worldpay system.
A VAT receipt will be sent to your billing address.