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Charity Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas Card can reflect a number of reasons, whether it be in a professional context looking to solidify working relationships or on a more personal basis, maybe you'd like a more sophisticated look to your family's card, or it could be as simple as you would like to notify friends and family of a change of address and would like to kill two birds with one stone!

Whatever your reasons, helping others in need can only be a positive thing. For companies, you will be reflecting the more caring nature of your institution - with many different charities to choose from, you can hopefully support a cause or organisation that's close to your heart. There's a huge spectrum of causes that are always grateful for support, from Cancer Charities, Special Needs, Child Protection, helping the Elderly, Mental Health institutions to animal charities, your token will be notified in print inside your card.

Alternatively, if it's a personal choice but something you would prefer not to broadcast, then you can elect not to have the charity notification printed inside your cards. 10% from any card you chose in our P Range or A range, will go directly to the charity. This 10% is taken from the prices already displayed for our cards, there are no add-ons and this is a percentage of the whole cost, not just a meager amount taken from the profits, and the charities get more that way.

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