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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for your Corporate Christmas Cards


How fast will I receive my order?

Mega-quick! We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency and offer some of the industry's quickest order turnaround times, even into December - all mainland UK orders are delivered within 4 working days. 80% of our orders are delivered in less time.

How will the order process work?

View Cards, click a card image, enter quantity, update proof, add to basket, then submit.

When we receive your order we will get in touch with you (usually same day) with proofs by email, which will be accompanied by an invoice, listing all costings.

We do not go to print until we have your explicit approval of the proof and you have the opportunity to make changes.

How do I get a quote/prices?

Get an instant quote by visiting the Christmas Card Gallery, click on the image of the card you like - enter your quantity and a price will be displayed.

You can also get logo printing costs quote this way (and you can price out an order online without actually submitting). Our cards come in 3 price categories (P coded= Premium, A coded= Mid-range & B coded= Budget) and there's also fabulous discounts off list prices before November, which will be shown by the quote system on the cards page. Included are many free printing services.

2017 price list

Here is the xls version Christmas Card price list

Can I get a sample?

Yes, when you've selected a card, within the description section there is a 'Get a Sample' button.
Please note that standard samples are sent blank inside - we cannot personalise individual samples for proofs due to time/expense involved.

What are your Christmas card & printing charges?

Prices decrease by quantity and we now offer cards in 3 different price brackets;
Budget (any with B in the product code), Midrange (Category A Coded) and Premium (Category P Coded).
Prices include personalised black internal printing and high quality self-seal sustainable envelopes.

Internal Colour logo costs:
Black & white logos are completely free inside
Set prices for Full Colour apply ranging from £10 upwards.

Frontpage Print
is also charged at the same colour rate, whether you are adding logos or text (black is not free for the front as it requires an additional print run).
Colour logos are charged per side e.g. double charge for colour inside & front

P&P: Next Day UK couriered delivery is FREE until November 1st, and a fixed £6.00 thereafter.

Can I order by fax instead?

Unfortunately our fax machine went the way of the dodo, you can email it instead though!

How do I get into my basket after 'continue shopping'?

If you have gone through the order process and clicked 'continue shopping', then decide you want to proceed with your original card, simply click the green BASKET icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Do you ship overseas (Outside the UK)?

Yes we deliver outside the UK, to anywhere throughout Europe, USA, Asia and further, worldwide - you can select your country within the shopping basket after you have made your proof.
Or we can provide a quote on request if you Email Us.
You can also check the International Overseas Customers page for more information.

What payment methods can I use?

We offer the option of paying by major credit / debit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), by company cheque or BACS bank transfer (established companies can pay by invoice). We take no payment until your order has been processed and you have approved your proof. When we are ready to go to print we will contact you and provide the relevant payment instructions.

Card Info

What's the difference between Premium/A/B price Categories?

You will see cards have codes such as A51, B35 & P16 where the P, A & B represent the different price categories (P: Premium Cards are our newest designs). For the A coded (mid-range) and B coded (budget), price differences are purely down to stock levels, not quality - all our cards are A5 in size and use high quality card. The Premium & A ranges are charity affiliate, whereas B range are not.

What size are the cards?

All our cards are at least A5 size when folded, and fit in the 'standard letter' postage stamp category. Aftering viewing cards, click the image of each card for more info.

Will envelopes be included?

Yes, premium quality self-seal envelopes are included and free of charge with all orders - you also have the option of 120gsm red self-seal envelopes for 10p each.

Charity donations (required/not-required)

For more information please visit the charity donations page.

For those of our clients who support different charities or organisations or do not wish to make a donation, we offer reductions of 10% off P & A range cards. Please Email Us ask for a charity exempt quote.

Proofing & Printing

How long will proofs take?

In most instances we will get a proof back to you by email within a couple of hours!
We give you the opportunity to make changes - we don't print your order until you have given approval of the proof.

Can I include our business logo or image?

Yes, of course - in the card gallery click the card you like, enter your quantity, then choose if you want your logo on the front or inside of the card. The order system's personalisation proofer allows you upload a logo image file (bigger/high resolution is better).

Can I get 2 logos or more?

Yes, we can print as many logos as you like (included in your colour or frontpage print charge) but unfortunately the online system can only cope with 1 logo. Email Us to arrange your multi-logo order.

Can you print my signature?

Yes, there's a small charge of £10 for up to 5 signatures (£15 for 6-10, £20 for 11+) - simply get everyone to sign 1 piece of paper and scan/email it to us.

We now have a Guide to Scanning Signatures.
Alternatively you can mail it to us unfolded (address details here) with a brief note of your order.

When ordering online we will request the signatures after the order is submitted, then email back a new proof with them added for you to check.

How much is it for a personalised / custom greeting?

You can have any greeting / details you want free of charge!

What example greetings can you suggest?

When browsing the Christmas Cards, click the small image, update quantity, then you will be shown the online proofer which has a number of greetings you can choose from - but also feel completely free to make up your own!

You can also view the Fonts and Greetings Page or Personalised Print pages for inspiration.

Can I choose the typeface?

The order system shows a range of commonly selected typefaces but if you would like something different you can choose 'Other' and suggest one!

Is there a limit on greetings/text?

No, you can have any number of lines/characters you like and you can print on both sides (inside) of the card.

Where the online proof system can't accomdate your request, simply Email Us and we'll make the proof manually for you.

Is printing direct to card or on paper inserts?

By default we print direct to the card, as it is generally believed to be a more professional finish. We can, however, print to paper inserts on request - you must ensure this request is noted on your invoice. There is no additional charge for black & white inserts.

What cards can I print on the front of?

You can print on the front of just about any card where there is available white space!
We have examples shown in the Frontpage Gallery, but you can also try proofing the front yourself after selecting a Christmas Card.
You can also View the Video Guide here

About Us

Where are the cards manufactured?

All our cards are designed and manufactured in the UK, so your order supports British business and a growing British industry.

Are the cards designs unique?

Yes, we spend a lot of time individually crafting our cards and they are not sold by anyone else - and as we're a small company, you're likely to be sending one of a kind to your customers!

If you didn't find what you were looking for remember there is the How to Order guide which takes you through the online shopping process, step by step.
Our Terms & Conditions information can also be found here.